• Making AI reliable, safe and secure
  • International team of data scientists, AI engineers and tech experts
  • Using AI to optimize existing processes and create new business
  • Driving testing and certification of AI

AI needs testing and certification

Artificial Intelligence tries to make machines intelligent – the next step of automation. Innovative, connected, and smart products can only develop their full potential if they can be deployed and used safely. At DEKRA, we are convinced that users will not trust innovation and new technologies without verified safety – especially AI.

We are convinced: regulation and certification of AI is essential and proper, especially in the market context and everyday life.

As soon as solutions that contain AI have to work together with users or other systems, rules have to come into play. There is also the ethical aspect: legislation sets a framework for what AI is allowed to do and what not. Among others this can help to make artificial intelligence more transparent. These regulations can then be implemented in a binding manner through technical standards and norms – and certified by DEKRA as independent third party.

DEKRA, honest broker for Artificial Intelligence

Based on its identity as an independent third party, DEKRA is the “honest broker” of the AI ecosystem. As soon as regulatory requirements exist for AI systems, DEKRA will test and certify their application as a neutral, third party. We will mediate between market participants and verify compliance with common standards.

Our Mission for DEKRA’s AI Hub

1. Bundle AI competencies

We create a central point of contact for AI initiatives and AI enthusiasts within DEKRA.

2. Drive AI projects

We initiate, run and scale AI projects within DEKRA – from the optimization of existing processes and products to the creation of new services or product offerings.

3. Uphold DEKRA’s position in the AI ecosystem

We establish DEKRA as an active participant and central pillar of the AI ecosystem – focused on quality and safety in interaction with manufacturers, users and regulators.

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DEKRA is the honest broker in the AI ecosystem. Dr. Tarek Besold, Head of Strategic AI
We use Machine learning to bring DEKRA’s products and services to the next level. Dr. Xavier Valero, Head of Applied AI

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