• Profit from year-long expertise

    with experienced DEKRA assessors

  • Establish viable and reliable processes

    for ECU based software systems development

  • Adapt your processes efficiently

    and react to increasing complexity

  • Ensure a safe and secure supply-chain

    with our best practice models

What is ASPICE?

Automotive SPICE® is an established framework which is a collection of essential best practices used in the development of electronic control unit-based software systems and contains a set of methods to perform evaluation of process fulfillment.

APSICE consists of five capability levels:

It also consists of several process areas:

And includes different process models:

  • Process Reference Model (PRM): Provides descriptions of practices to be implemented in order to fulfill process purpose and outcomes. Descriptions are used to define, deploy and improve processes in the development of electronic control units based software systems.
  • Process Assessment Model (PAM): Provides organizations the ability to assess their own processes or supplier processes against ASPICE expectations. It offers indicators to determine whether the instantiated process’ outcomes have been achieved or not. These indicators are used for continuous improvement of processes.


Automotive SPICE® enables suppliers and car manufacturers (OEMs) to be technically capable to develop, improve and adapt software-system processes – e.g. for ECUs. This ensures that all participants along the development process of electronic vehicle components work in accordance to state-of-the-art best practices and minimize product risks.

What we offer: our ASPICE services


  • Methodical approach to establish, scale and maintain ASPICE capability
  • Optimized process synergized with safety and security standards


  • Provides stakeholders with the requirements, benefits, and customer perspective of ASPICE – Introduction to ASPICE
  • Provides practitioners with the application knowledge of ASPICE – Applying ASPICE


  • Compliant to ISO/IEC 330xx by a VDA qualified principal assessors
  • Credible assessment outcomes sought-after by the OEMs and suppliers
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Our subject matter experts will partner with the organization’s stakeholders and practitioners throughout the improvement journey because we truly believe in holding hands together with you in the journey rather than leaving you blindfolded. Your success is ours!

  • Suppliers use ASPICE assessments to determine area of improvements followed by solution determination to prevent product and process concerns. 
  • Customers want to know process related product risks in ECU based software system development early enough for necessary actions towards smooth product launch. They use ASPICE assessment results as one of the one of the key indicators.
  • OEMs choose suppliers that are process capable enough to develop ECU based software systems. Increasing software systems complexity in ECU development requires discipline and standard approach deployed across organization. As a proof, customers demand the evidence of ASPICE capability provided by a recognized competent or principal assessor.
  • The ASPICE assessments follow a four-step-approach. Each phase consists of several steps and requires the involvement of different assessors.
    • 1I Preparation Phase: Creating an assessment plan, scheduling and agree on logistics.
    • 2I Assessment Phase: Kick-off, information gathering, process area rating, capability profile and final findings summary.
    • 3I Report-Out: Present final findings and summary, provide detailed report.
    • 4I Wrap-up: Conduct assessment “lessons-learned” and define improvement actions.

  • Final Findings Summary: A summary of findings i.e., significant strengths and area of improvements for each process area scoped under the assessment. This will also cover process area attributes and capability levels of each process area.
  • Detailed Report: This will cover the detailed information of evidence coverage for base practices and generic practices of each process area along with process area attributes and capability level profile.
  • OEM Report-out: High level summary may be extracted from the above reports and submitted to the OEM when demanded however the intention to share the report and its content must be consented by the sponsor of the assessment.

Year-long automotive industry expertise bundled

Automotive Cyber Security, ASPICE and Functional Safety complement each other. Benefit from our year-long expertise within these fields and the synergies created when considered together.