Vianova, is a French-Swiss startup, which is offering a data platform for cities and mobility operators that uses data of connected vehicles to build more efficient and sustainable transport systems for people and goods. The partnership between Vianova and DEKRA DIGITAL focuses on driving the future of mobility while enhancing the safety and security of urban life.

Share Economy and growing Micro Mobility Providers have a tremendous impact on urban logistics as well as on city infrastructure. We are convinced, that collaboration is key for improving safety and security within the urban environment, therefore DEKRA DIGITAL partners with Vianova, to set the right path for the future.

360° Safety Standard for Micro Mobility

Therefore, we outline our approach to e-scooter safety, with our Micro Mobility Standard. Our DEKRA-proven standard ensures e-scooter safety with a holistic approach. It consists of over 120 technical and non-technical requirements that a sharing provider must meet in order to prove their service is safe for the public to use. We only award our certificate to service providers whose sharing offer meets the requirements defined in our standard.

Micro Mobility Standard - eight areas with over 120 testing points
Micro Mobility Standard – eight areas with over 120 testing points

Transparency through Vianova’s “Mobility Intelligence Platform”

Their platform enables data integration of connected vehicles such as shared e-scooters, e-bikes or cars and provides an analytics dashboard to their customers. The platform enables operators to audit their services, receive city policies in a digital and standardized format, and securely share their data with cities for increased transparency.

Helping cities and transport providers achieve #CarbonZero and #VisionZero through hyper-local decision-making insights – we love it when technology meets sustainability!

The Swedish provider Voi meets the high requirements of DEKRA DIGITAL’s Micro Mobility Standard.

After Spin and Tier, we can confirm the safe and sustainable operations of another e-scooter provider in Germany. With our standard for micro mobility, we outline our approach to e-scooter safety. We only award our certificate to service providers whose sharing offer meets the requirements defined in our standard.

Safety measures for micro mobility help users, pedestrians and cities.

With our independent certification of e-scooter-providers, we not only help rental companies to make their sharing offer safe and sustainable. Other groups involved, such as city councils, users, pedestrians and data protection officers, also benefit from the shaping of safe mobility services. That’s why we at DEKRA DIGITAL are looking at micro mobility from a holistic perspective – for safe urban mobility in the city of tomorrow.

DEKRA DIGITAL and Deutsche Bahn Connect have joined forces. Our goal is to make urban mobility sustainable and safe. Together, we want to support cities in integrating new mobility solutions in urban areas.

DEKRA DIGITAL publishes whitepaper in collaboration with DB Curbside Management

The first result of the intensive collaboration with DB Curbside Management is a whitepaper on e-scooter integration in urban spaces. We have been working intensively on making micro mobility more safe and efficient for cities. The whitepaper serves as a guide for cities to integrate a wide range of sharing services such as e-scooters or rental bikes into urban transport. We show which aspects and measures cities should consider to optimally integrate micro mobility into the cityscape – for safe and sustainable urban mobility in the city of tomorrow.

In July 2021 DEKRA DIGITAL’s micro mobility efforts gained even more traction. With Tier we have certified another e-scooter provider in accordance with our developed Micro Mobility Standard.

Tier’s operations were thoroughly checked across eight categories including technical design, production, usability, IT security and maintenance. Tier meets our high standards in more than 56 German cities, where they offer their services. Together we contribute to making urban mobility safer.

We contribute to safe, sustainable and efficient micro mobility for cities, providers and users.

Our aim: To make micro mobility safe for everyone! Beside e-scooter sharing providers we enable cities to handle micro mobility in a safe way and ensure a seamless integration into public transport. Helping them to avoid risky riding behavior and ensuring long-term scooter usage.

Spin is officially the first independently certified micromobility company that meets the safety and sustainability requirements defined in our Micro Mobility Standard.

After successfully completing the testing process, the German e-scooter provider Spin is certified according to our high standards for safety and sustainability in over 18 German cities. The certificate is valid until the end of April 2022. With our expertise in micro mobility, we take a holistic approach on safety in urban mobility.

Intensive test procedure with over 120 test points

The Micro Mobility Standard was launched by DEKRA DIGITAL at the end of 2019. The standard was developed in cooperation with our international DEKRA experts. Through testing and certification in eight areas, we help providers make their services sustainable and safe. We want to assist in mastering the challenges for e-scooters in urban traffic in the best possible way.