• Bundling all DEKRA competencies and services
  • Full services for people, processes and products
  • Sector-specific portfolio based on year-long industry experience
  • Ensuring cyber security alongside the whole value chain

360° DEKRA Cyber Security Services

People’s lives are becoming more and more digitized. This offers many advantages, but also increases vulnerability – and opportunities for hackers. DEKRA’s Cyber Security Hub bundles all expertise and competence in an holistic approach – from information security to protection against manipulation recognizing  also different standards in different industry sectors.

We develop, for and with industry parties 360° cyber security solutions focusing on the protection and security of your data, your network and your products as well as your IT infrastructures and processes.

The DEKRA Cyber Security Hub: Bundled Competencies and Services

People: Information Security Awareness

Alongside technology itself, people are the biggest vulnerability to Information Security. With this in mind, we must all be aware of possible threat scenarios. Our Security Awareness Training Portfolio aims to help you notice possible threats at an early stage in order to prevent them. This strengthens your employees’ behaviour when dealing with data.

Information Security Awareness Training must be seen as a long-term process in order to be successful. A sustainable change in the behavior of your employees is achieved through interactivity and variety. Let us create the most impactful awareness campaign, tailored to your organization´s needs.

  • Live Hacking Shows
  • Phishing Simulator
  • E-Learning
  • Face to Face Training
  • Gamification
  • Nudging Items

Process & Product: Information and Communication Technology Sector

Providing 360° cyber security services for the information and communication technology sector. The ICT sector with its communication components and data processing systems represents the all-connecting data network. However, this network also represents a potential threat for misuse and manipulation. We provide a broad service portfolio from penetration tests to cyber security testing of ICT products according to current standards.  

Your Needs, our Expertise in IT Security:

  • Information Security Risk Management
  • TISAX® Risk Management
  • Penetration Testing
  • Website Security Scan Services
  • Cyber Safe Alert
  • ISO, CISO, ISA acording to ISO27001 and BSI
  • External Information Security Officer
  • External Chief Information Security Officer
  • Common Criteria ISO 15408​
  • FIPS 140-2/-3 ISO 19790​
  • eiDAS ​
  • LINCE ​
  • NESAS​

Process & Product: Automotive Sector

Providing holistic cyber security services for vehicles as one of various industries covered. Our experts help you to manage cyber security risks over the complete lifecycle of the vehicle in line with recent automotive standards and regulations. We assess management system processes and check product implementation according to ISO 21434 requirements as well as according to UNECE regulations for Cyber security and software upload.

Your Needs, our Expertise in Automotive Cyber Security:

  • Risk Analysis, TARA
  • Setup CSMS, SUMS
  • Process Assessment 21434
  • Gap Analysis
  • Process Improvement
  • Technical Evaluations
  • ISO DIS 21434
    • Intro
    • Focus: TARA
    • Focus: CS-Development, V&V
    • Focus: Continuous Monitoring
  • UNECE R155 / R156
    • Overview
  • Product Penetration Testing
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • Fuzz Testing
  • Alexa Auto
  • Personal Certification ISO 21434
  • Product Certification ISO 21434
  • Process Certification ISO 21434
  • Audit/Certification R155/156
  • Type Approval R155/156

Questions? Get in touch with our experts:

You have to look at cyber security holistically – especially in the automotive industry. Thomas Thurner, Head of Cyber Security Services
It has never been more important to understand the vulnerabilities we humans pose to Information Security. Graham Stanforth, Information Security Awareness Expert
IT-security can only be as good as the under-standing and attention of those who are involved. Ingo Legler, IT Security Expert