DEKRA designated by KBA as technical service for cyber security in vehicles

DEKRA’s designation by the Federal Motor Transport Authority has been extended to include the regulations UN-R 155 (Cyber Security) and UN-R 156 (Software Updates).

The recently published UNECE regulations require that manufacturers must operate certified management systems for software updates and cyber security throughout the entire life-cycle of a vehicle. These management systems must be reviewed by auditors every three years. In addition to services to accompany the development process, DEKRA can now offer its customers testing for cyber security management systems and software updates.

Bundling DEKRA expertise in the Cyber Security Hub

Cyber Security is a strategic focus area of DEKRA. In the Cyber Security Hub, expertise is bundled, existing services improved and new ones developed – with DEKRA DIGITAL as the driving unit. The designation is an important milestone for DEKRA, which is continuing on its digitalization course.