What is it about?

AI, digital connectivity, automated driving, sharing services, cyber security – the mobility industry is more vibrant than ever before. But how do we ensure that future mobility is actually safe? In this panel, we are looking at which key technologies dominate the industry already today – and what challenges emerge when trying to make next-gen tech reliable and secure. To what extent do technologies need to be tested, certified, and regulated? What social aspects do we have to consider as a society, when developing and using mobility solutions? These and more questions will be discussed in this panel.

Meet our experts:

In order for future technologies in cars to be safe, they need to be tested and certified. Dr. Tarek Besold, Head of Strategic AI, DEKRA DIGITAL
Which technologies will dominate the automotive industry in the future – and how can we make them safe? Dr. Stefan Carsten, Futurist & Urbanist
It’s all about trust. Only if the driver can trust the car will he/she also believe in new technologies in the future. Dr. Philipp Gneiting, Head of Open Innovation & Customer Insights, Mercedes-Benz AG
Consumer trust and safety requires a comprehensive, end-to-end perspective on vehicles, roads and operators. Carlos Bhola , Managing Director, Celsius Capital