Einfach Installation des DEKRA Lift Explorer ohne Eingriff in die Aufzugsteuerung.
  • Optimize maintenance and efficiency
  • Avoid unnecessary operations and save costs
  • No intervention in the control system
  • Manufacturer independent installable
  • Targeted, location-independent error analysis
  • Enables preventive maintenance
DEKRA Lift Explorer herstellerunabhängig installierbar und ohne Eingriff in die Aufzugsteuerung

The digital guard for your elevator

The Lift Explorer is a handy box that is installed on the elevator car roof and collects ride data.

The necessary hardware can be installed easily and without technical hurdles in almost any elevator – regardless of the manufacturer.

How Lift Explorer works

The Lift Explorer is installed on the elevator roof without interfering with the elevator technology. Here it detects the following:

  • Speed
  • Vertical and horizontal movement
  • Current floor
  • Alignment
  • Door movement
  • Vibrations and more

The Lift Explorer Dashboard

Everything at a glance

The Lift Explorer sends the measured data in real time to the Lift Explorer Dashboard on request. You can choose whether Lift Explorer should use existing WLAN networks or work independently with the help of an integrated mobile data card.

Real-time data

Access your elevator data from anywhere. This allows you to identify problems in good time and act before a downtime occurs.

Alternatively: The LIFT Check App

The easiest way to check your elevator

With the LIFT Check app, you can check the condition of your elevator in just one elevator ride. To use it, simply use your smartphone (Android and iOS) – and receive a report with all relevant results within a few minutes.

DEKRA Lift Explorer Video