• Improving awareness

    for safe driving

  • Detailed Dashboard

    for safety performance insights

  • Safety Index App

    available for Android and iOS

  • Tested in several European countries
  • DEKRA approved safety seal
  • Developed in collaboration with Fraunhofer Institute

Improving road safety

DEKRA Safety Index is a data based system to continuously collect, analyse and evaluate driving behaviour. Ultimately improving the safety performance of your drivers and fleets.

1. Collect Driving Data

DEKRA Safety Index makes it easy to utilize existing telematic data or collect it via app. Ultimately prooving your fleet’s safety performance. Download the app for free and experience how it can help your business.

DEKRA Safety Index continuously measures speeding, braking and acceleration behaviour. From the gathered data, a comprehensive score is calculated to reflect the drivers’ total safety performance.

2. Analyse Driving Behaviour

Get valuable insights of your fleet’s safety performance. Elaborated statistics help to monitor and direct the development of your fleet.

3. Communicate Safe Driving

Show your commitment to road safety to your customers and prospects! The safety seal can be integrated on your website reflecting your whole fleets safety performance. The safety seal is also available as an annual sticker to put directly onto you vehicles.