• Establish a sustainable security awareness culture
  • Shape Information Security as a social competence
  • Use individual and effective training methods
  • Focus on the human factor

Security Awareness: The Human Factor

Alongside technology itself, people are the biggest vulnerability to Infomation Security. With this in mind, we must all be aware of possible threat scenarios. Our Security Awareness Training Portfolio aims to help you notice possible threats at an early stage in oder to prevent them. This strengthens your employees’ behaviour when dealing with data.

More vulnerable to cyber-attacks when working from home

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, remote work has become an essential part of our working life. Studies show that this intensifies the threat of cyber-attacks. The digital mailbox is the first point of entry into an organization’s information system. Increasing the awareness of your employees for vulnerabilities is crucial to counter the innovative social engineering methods used by hackers.

Three steps to a sustainable safety culture


  • Interactive training methods and continuous learning units as key to sustainable behavioural change and effective competence transfer
  • Target group-specific activities ranging from face-to-face training to game based develop-ment and e-learning


  • Targeted sensitization to increase your emplyees’ awareness of the responsible handling of company data
  • The combination of diverse training methods expands the action competence of your employees


  • The process by which individuals respond to challenges and changes by adapting their behaviour
  • Long-term increase in attention to data in order to achieve a sustainable behavioural change

Effective training methods for your awareness campaign

Information Security Awareness Training must be seen as a long-term process in order to be sucessful. A sustainable change in the behaviour of your employees is achieved through interactivity and variety. Let us create the most impactful awareness campaign, tailored to your organization´s needs!

Impactful Live Hacking Shows are the ideal way to communicate the topic of information security to your employees and to draw their attention to threats and protective measures. Industry-specific live-hacks make the risks understandable and create sustainable awareness of the threat-landscape.

Our simulated attacks train users by means of spoofed phishing mails – every user is sensetised to their vulnerability. With measurable learning success and full data protection compliance for a continuous impact!

Increase your employees’ awareness through interactive e-learning modules with measurable learning success on topics such as social engineering, social media and data protection as well as e-mail and password security, and information security for remote work. Give your employees the confidence to take action and meet your compliance requirements at the same time!

Face to face group training with interactive content, which is not only tailored to each individual group, but also largely shaped by the participants themselves to provide an impactful first step into the topic of information security awareness. This measure is to be seen as a basic module and could meaningfully be expanded with online on-demand training.

Gamification as a process to motivate your employees and change their behavior, loyalty and behavioral economics. Innovative solutions and interactivities to integrate the otherwise separate areas of work, learning and play. To that end, our security games use emotionalization, interaction, motivation, involvement, and much more. Problem solvers are created, and instead of pure knowledge transfer, experience transfer is generated. In the end, simple gamification becomes game-based development.

The nudge in the right direction: We provide you with nudging items such as posters, office supplies and more. This is intended to steer your employees’ habits in a positive direction and to have a sustainable impact on their motives and decisions. Nudging attempts to address the emotional part of human decision-making by creating an enviroment filled with constant tangible reminders.

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It has never been more important to understand the vulnerabilities we humans pose to Information Security. Graham Stanforth, Information Security Awareness Expert