Let’s talk about mental health

Especially, as the working society evolves, the needs, concerns, and fears of employees have been changing. For DEKRA DIGITAL safety is part of our DNA. Historically given, we have a deep understanding of safety and security on a wide range of levels. So naturally, our team’s health is particularly close to our hearts, too. For that reason, since 2021 we’ve been part of the global business-led initiative of “the Leadership Pledge”. Part of that commitment is to empower employees to prioritize mental health, develop an open culture around it and take preventive steps to create a positive work environment.

But since the pandemic, some things have changed, and we all can still feel the impact. Managing work, and family, being always online, in a constantly changing work environment, and all paired with remote work, can be exhausting. That’s why for us it comes naturally, that we want to destigmatize the underrated topic of mental health and that’s why we have taken further steps to increase the awareness of mental health in our company. But first of all, let’s have a look at how mental health is defined and which role it plays in our life.


The WHO defines good mental health as follows:

“Mental health a state of well-being in which a person can realize his or her own capabilities, cope with the normal stresses of life, work productively, and contribute to his or her community.”


According to the WHO definition, mental health, along with physical health, also becomes a prerequisite for one’s productivity. Especially in the fast-paced work environment, we find ourselves in, it is often mental health that is not defined as a core factor of productivity. So, the first step companies need to take, is to create awareness of the potential disruptors to mental health. We have therefore developed a multi-layered program that supports and promotes each DEKRA DIGITAL employee individually. This consists of various sub-areas which, taken as a whole, provide a comprehensive insight into one’s own health. All this is supported by our mental health partner: Open Up.


Finding ourselves in a fast-moving world where we are surrounded by stimuli. Therefore, it is more about taking a step back, being aware of the world, and letting the moment take effect.

With Open Up, we get the opportunity to access one-on-one coaching, group sessions, and mindfulness exercises in more than 17 languages with certified psychologists – within 24 hours! This provides a protected environment to discuss both work-related and personal issues. As part of the program, various topics such as stress, anxiety, relationships, self-awareness, and overall health, but also areas such as mindfulness and sense-making can be discussed and sharpened.

Our CEO Kerim is a strong supporter of our mental health program, and in his interview, he provides a more detailed view of how Open Up promotes mindfulness and a sense of purpose at DEKRA DIGITAL.

Purpose is very powerful. It flows us with energy, keeps us getting up every morning, and enables us to build up resilience in unsteady times. At DEKRA DIGITAL we share the purpose of innovating safety and security, but I also want to empower every employee to reflect on their own purpose in life and I think Open Up is the right way to support this intention. Mindfulness, embracing our mental health is just indispensable.” – Dr. Kerim Galal

Of course, it’s not the easiest decision to admit to oneself that you are overwhelmed right now, but with increasing awareness of mental health, the barriers to searching for support should be diminished. Let’s start taking care of our mental well-being. What is your secret to reducing stress and busy days? Share your experience on LinkedIn with us.