• Makes scooter sharing safe for public to use
  • Preventing unsafe riding behavior
  • Includes over 120 test points
  • Enables cities to regulate micro mobility
  • Enables integration of micro mobility into existing public transit
  • Ensures sustainable recycling of scooters

360° Safety Standard for Micro Mobility

Our DEKRA-proven standard ensures e-scooter safety with a holistic approach. It consists of over 120 technical and non-technical requirements that a sharing provider should meet in order to prove their service is safe for the public to use.

8 Areas, over 120 testing points – in depth:

  • Technical Design

    Covers various technical national regulations concerning the vehicle

  • Production, Delivery and Assembly

    Focus on core manufacturing process, assembly and delivery of the vehicle

  • Authorities, Insurance and Infrastructure

    Guide city authorities to properly integrate the e-scooter sharing into existing public transit

  • IT/Data Security and Privacy

    Guidance for setting data standards and security measures

  • Training and User Behavior

    Train users how to use the vehicle and educate them about road traffic rules

  • Deployment

    Safe deployment of scooters during operating hours

  • Maintenance and Warehouse

    Periodically testing e-scooters to maintain its operating life and storing them safely during non-operating hours

  • Recycling

    Recycling of parts and finding different usage of batteries

How to get your certification

Each project starts with a pre-assessment phase where the sharing mobility provider is first able to assess the service by themselves. If the sharing provider is able to meet 90% of the requirements stated in the standard, a DEKRA safety certificate is then provided to the sharing provider. If the requirements could not be met by the service providers, safety experts from different units of DEKRA will guide the sharing providers through consultation and workshops to meet the rigorous standards.

Additional services we can provide

DEKRA expertise in the micro mobility domain include also type approval of e-scooters in Germany, support in operation handling within cities, technical fleet monitoring through frequent tests, training and safety campaigns to ensure users are well educated to use the e-scooters.