Vianova, is a French-Swiss startup, which is offering a data platform for cities and mobility operators that uses data of connected vehicles to build more efficient and sustainable transport systems for people and goods. The partnership between Vianova and DEKRA DIGITAL focuses on driving the future of mobility while enhancing the safety and security of urban life.

Share Economy and growing Micro Mobility Providers have a tremendous impact on urban logistics as well as on city infrastructure. We are convinced, that collaboration is key for improving safety and security within the urban environment, therefore DEKRA DIGITAL partners with Vianova, to set the right path for the future.

360° Safety Standard for Micro Mobility

Therefore, we outline our approach to e-scooter safety, with our Micro Mobility Standard. Our DEKRA-proven standard ensures e-scooter safety with a holistic approach. It consists of over 120 technical and non-technical requirements that a sharing provider must meet in order to prove their service is safe for the public to use. We only award our certificate to service providers whose sharing offer meets the requirements defined in our standard.

Micro Mobility Standard - eight areas with over 120 testing points
Micro Mobility Standard – eight areas with over 120 testing points

Transparency through Vianova’s “Mobility Intelligence Platform”

Their platform enables data integration of connected vehicles such as shared e-scooters, e-bikes or cars and provides an analytics dashboard to their customers. The platform enables operators to audit their services, receive city policies in a digital and standardized format, and securely share their data with cities for increased transparency.

Helping cities and transport providers achieve #CarbonZero and #VisionZero through hyper-local decision-making insights – we love it when technology meets sustainability!